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Bought a Whirlpool washer and Dryer from Lowes. One year and 2 weeks later it broke (2 weeks after warranty expired). The cycle starts in a spin and it ends in a fill.

Called to get it serviced, talked them into covering it under warranty but it never happened.

They broke their promise as they sent out a tech who wanted $129.00 just to come here. He called before he came so I told him not to come unless it is covered. Whirlpool put the order in the system incorrectly. Called Whirlpool right away and they said they resolved the problem, the tech will be there shortly. Well, they didn't an hour later still no technician who was supposed to be here in 20 minutes.

Called the service company A & E and they said their tech canceled the call and as Whirlpool screwed up putting the call back in, only updated the canceled call, didn't open it again.

So I called Whirlpool back and they got A & E on the phone and they wanted to reschedule. Told them it wasn't possible as I just took 5 hours of my time off work for this. I was so upset that I wasted a whole day waiting I hung up because I just couldn't even talk anymore and sick of excuses.

How can these people just think we have all the time in the world to take from our jobs to wait for them after their *** equipment failed and then they failed again with a service call?

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