I Bought a flame lock water heater in January 2010 for a vacation home. After 5 months the pilot would not stay light.

Under warranty the repair was made to the thermocouple. 3 weeks later did not work again. after research on the internet we find out that a class action lawsuit was filed in 2008 for this same product. Now I am stuck with a product that continues to have problems.After taking many days of vacation for a repair man to fix it we decided to buy another product.

Never whirlpool again.

I wish I would have know that there could be problems with the product. why did Lowes continue to sell this product without warning.

Review about: Whirlpool Water Heater.

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I have the same problem. Lowes replaced the entire burner assembly but 3 years later the wire to the ignitor melted off and the gasket to the door deteriorated. Never by a Whirlpool product again.


I have had the same problems. Finally got them to replace unit and having problems with that on now.


What state are you in? You are not alone with this problem.

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