Casini Appliance came to work on my appliance and in the process found a cracked liner. After discussing this with warranty they advised Casini to forward their notes to whirlpool on 3/20/08.

After five phone calls to casini to confirm they send the notes which the owner agreed would be sent by 3/24 I received no return phone calls from the owner Seth. Today I called and he answered the phone and told me he would get to it when he could. I explained this care was unacceptable and he said what do you want....

I said good customer care is all I ask. No reply was given by the owner accept he will get to it when he can.

I asked when we can expect the notes to be sent to warranty and he said when he gets to it maybe at the end of the week.

I explained he said he would do it by 3/24 and that is unacceptable.

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