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Aqualift Does not clean, neither the sides nor the glass door. It is a false advertising Whirphool is doing.

Had to clean everything by hand from the grills to the sides, top and bottom. IT is going back in time. My older oven was cleaning the oven spotless. No more whirphool appliances.

Dont spend your money unless you like to spend time scrubbing the oven.

I am sure Whirpool did not test their Aqualift cycle, or they did without cooking and getting the oven dirty.

Whirpool should compensate every customer who bought an Aqualift oven.

Who designed this feature? Surely not somebody that cooks a lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Oven.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Dear anonymous: We’re sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with your Aqualift Cleaning Cycle. The Aqualift technology is an alternative for customers that don't want to be concerned with chemicals or smell.

It's designed to lift stains from the Oven and the customer can wipe them away. The steam created while using this cycle is meant to help release backed on foods, but some elbow grease may still be required.

For especially stubborn areas, you want to saturate the area with a Dawn Dish Soap and water solution and let it sit for up to 30 minutes. This should help get the grease adhered to the cooking surface off.