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Update by user Aug 09, 2013

I decided to chronical my experience with whirlpool and to update this complaint just keeps getting more ridiculous..

My Whirlpool Experience

Purchase Whirlpool ice collection on 3/9/2013 from HH Gregg

Ice formed in the freezer making door hard to open and causing ice to be all over the floor and condensation forming in the fridge.

Called HH Gregg and since it had been more than 30 days of purchase they would not help me.

Called Whirlpool for service and first service call was scheduled for June 13, 2013 by A&E Factory Service, Technician ID 0000927, Service Order Number 40299941.

His comments were ordered FR2 Door Gasket and parts to prevent condensation at I/M Assem.

He ordered 4 parts for a total of 605.36 and a labor fee of 289.97 for a total cost of 893.33.

Next appt scheduled for July 8, 2013 between 1 – 5.

On July 8th different A&E Service technician (0747282) arrived at the home at 7:15, 2 hours and 15 min beyond the last appointment time and did not leave until 10:45pm.

He put on the parts that had been ordered. His opinion was that the freezer did not need a new gasket but he put it on anyway and that he needed to order new tracks for the freezer door because he thought they were bent and weren’t sealing causing the ice buildup. And he order some of the same parts that were order on the June 13th visit for condensation problem (heater and gaskets)

His comments in the notes was “RICICULOUS”

Total cost of parts for this visit was 835.92 and labor fee of 400.18 for a total of 1236.10.

Next appt scheduled for Aug 3 between 8 and 12.

One week later I called whirlpool to tell them I was still having condensation in the fridge and that my food was molding. The customer service rep said she would add that to the next service call.

The same A&E Service Technician (ID 0000927) that came of June 13th arrived at 12:15 on the 3rd of August. I informed him that I was still having condensation and had called Whirlpool and this seems to agitate him. He said he wished he was only here to put on the door tracks and it wasn’t like he carried parts in his truck. I told him I did what I thought was the right thing by calling Whirlpool but he was clearly annoyed. He put the parts on and order more parts. He ordered the same parts that had been ordered twice before including a few new ones. He also said he wouldn’t have this unit in his house.

Total cost of parts for this visit was 934.71 and labor fee of 289.97.

Next appt scheduled for Aug 20th between 8 – 12.

On Monday August 5th I called whirlpool again to discuss the situation and the customer service rep said she was going to send out a different service company to give a second opinion. She set up an appointment with Tollers appliance for Aug 7th between 8 – 12.

Technician arrived at 8:15 and we reviewed all the previous service calls and ordered parts. He was concerned that the same parts were order 3 times and the problem still existed. He said he would make some calls and would get back to me. He called back within the hour and said he had talk to the escalation and engineering departments and told them his 2nd opinion was that the unit needed to be replaced and their response was that they would not replace it. He was dumbfounded as I am as to why Whirlpool would bother to send someone for a second opinion and then disregard their opinion. Gets more ridiculous as time goes on. He also said they told him they would send out a 3rd service company and his assumption was they would be contacting me.

So there hs been over 3200.00 of parts and labor installed for this unit and it is still broke!!!!!!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 09, 2013

Purchased all new kitchen appliances in the ICE collection in Mar 2013. The french door refrigerator has never operated properly, freezer drawer has ice build up sticks, can hardly open and when I can pull it open ice flies everywhere and condensation builds up inside the refrigerator portion of the unit.

Technician came out ordered over 600.00 in parts, yes thats right for a brand new unit, had to wait over 2 weeks for them to come back for yet another day off work. The appt was for 1-5 guy shows up at 7:20 pm and is still in my home till 10:45.....Took the day off for no to the good part he puts the parts on the freezer door is still not opening and closing correctly and says he doesn't know why the other guy ordered that part and proceeds to order over 200.00 more in parts that I now have to wait over 3 weeks to have installed. I called customer service, was told nothing they could do except try to fix it and I really feel like they do NOT stand behind their products, anyone in their right mind would see I was given a defective fridge and should be offered a replacement. This is a 2500.00 refrigerator, unbelivable.

ANDDDDD when the technician was there he said you should really buy the warranty on this unit so needless to say I have no confidence that I am going to have any long term success with this applicance.

Whirlpool should be ashamed to sell consumers defective products and not be willing to replace them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I'm afraid that after 13 months and the repairman coming 4 times and my freezer is filling up with frost AGAIN that I will be buying another refrigerator that is NOT a whirlpool. It is terrible to have this much trouble with an appliance that costs as much as a fridge does.

What a disappointment in the whirlpool brand. What a LEMON.


I bought a lemon, not a refrigerator with french doors made by whirlpool. I wish I never bought it, my old fridge worked better and it was broke and old.


I am having the same issues with my new 2017 Whirlpool fridege.I purchase geek squad warranty and they have been out to my house 6 times playing the "Hmmmmm "game and buying and replacing parts as well.Whirlpool was also out once when fridge was under 3 months old .This product is a lemon>>>>...And purchasing geek squad protection seems to be a runa round as well.Jen


Buyer be aware! Stay away from Whirlpool french door refrigerators!

Ours is not even 3 years old and has a leak on the seal system that will cost $1,300 to get it repaired!

This is included on the 5 year Whirlpool warranty but of course not for this model. This is a big rip off!!!


I too, purchased a Whirlpool fridge, it sucks brand new and the water filter system again a second time broke down I paid $2.400 dollars for a piece of *** it is only 4 months old, and again I have to stay home and wait for the repair man, He stated the last time you cant put the fridge on high, how absurd, it's summer time the fridge is open constantly by myself and family members, DONT BUY A WHIRLPOOL!!!!!!!!!


To the "Hug?" person:

When I buy a product, it should work perfectly. It's very simple, you simpleton.

The warranty is just a risk factor coverage for the manufacturer you ***.

to Anonymous Dayton, Ohio, United States #696504

Thanks for understanding unlike "Huh" what a ridiculous comment, no wonder companies think they can just sell defective products..... :)


Sounds like you've never purchased a new car and had a problem. If you do the warranty covers repair not replacement. Appliances are no different, look at your warranty and what it covers.

to Huh? Dayton, Ohio, United States #696502

Your comments doesnt even make any sense!!!!! Its brand new and excuse me for thinking it should work.....but thanks for taking the time to replay :x

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