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As of December 20, 2010.

I purchased a brand new Whirlpool washing machine in Chennai, India and it was installed on November 29, 2010. After the installation, I put some clothes to wash and there was a huge grinding noise. The installation guy said that I can register a complaint with the call center and that he has nothing to do with it.

I registered a complaint and another service engineer Mr. Varadharajan appeared to fix it. After the fix, during the first wash cycle, the noise reappeared and there was also lot of water leakage from the bottom.

I again had to register a complaint. Mr. Varadharajan reappeared and sealed the leakage by using a match stick to fuse the plastic joints. He changed a coupler and the noise was momentarily gone.

In the next wash cycle, the huge grinding noise reappeared. This time, I called the service engineer Varadharajan directly. He asked me to register another complaint and mentioned it may be possible to give a machine replacement.

But following this complaint, another service engineer named Vishwanath appeared and tried several things and could not fix the problem. He mentioned that he cannot do anything to repair it nor does he have the power to replace the machine. I asked him, why then he came to repair it?

He left the complaint open, mentioning that someone from headoffice will contact me and set up another appointment with a senior engineer, who will apparently evaluate the machine.

Three days go by and no engineer comes in. I called the call center again and they mentioned that my complaint has been assigned to Vishwanath. I mentioned to them that they needed to update their system. Vishwanath had already appeared and could not fix it and left the complaint open. They said they could do nothing about it.

All of this on a brand new machine.

They would neither repair it nor send another person to evaluate it nor commit to a replacement.

I do not recommend their products. I am filing a suit in consumer affairs against whirlpool, since I luckily have copies of all documentation regarding the number of visits and the outcome.

If there is an option, never go for whirlpool.

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