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June 19, 2017 Dear Mr. A-Z Repair Technician, WELCOME BACK!!

This being your 6th visit we can talk frankly. You get paid very well by Whirlpool for handling warranty work in the area. They must be quite a profitable account. I am certain maintaining a high level of warranty calls is a key business goal for you.

I also know that powerful Whirlpool demands their technicians run out the clock on the warranty. John Matarese on WCPO's "I'm On Your Side" has told me this. An attorney who handles class action law suits has as well. This will be an interesting case as I have found many damaged consumers online.

So as a refresher here are the things wrong with this refrigerator. It is the same list as your last 5 visits: 1) The refrigerator does not cool below 59 degrees. 2) The ice maker does not make ice, but you know this as we have told you every visit. 3) The unit still leaks water on the right.

It is now rust water. It has stained the tile. We have pictures. 4) The refrigerator leaks water inside.

It freezes/melts/collects at the bottom under the deli drawer. 5) The water dispenser sticks at times and runs water all over the floor. 6) The right side door seal is already ripping and needs to be replaced. 7) The right side door does not close without a shove.

You did something to it on your last visit. 8) The unit makes noise again at times. It is different from the last noise that sounded a jet engine exploding. We have tape recordings for a lawsuit.

The new noise is audible from the living room. We have taped that as well. I want you to have a new unit shipped out immediately. This has been a pathetic experience.

Every time the unit goes down it takes a week for you to get here and another week to get it fixed. We have a special needs child here who has been damaged by this experience and who will testify against you and Whirlpool should things progress to the next stage soon. Here is what is going to happen if you do not replace this unit: 1) I am going to initiate a lawsuit against Whirlpool and A-Z for all damages that we have incurred over the last 6 months. A judge can then decide if we deserve a new refrigerator and reimbursement for all damages.

I get free counsel through my work so I wont have to ask you to cover my attorney fees. 2) I am going to develop a list of consumers that would join me in a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool. A-Z will be a named defendant. I have consulted with a class action attorney.

If I can find a class he will represent us. 3) I will contact the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau. They have a full staff waiting to investigate stuff like this. 4) I will call the Ohio Attorney General.

They often file charges against businesses that damage consumers. 5) I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 6). I will post complaints on any business Facebook page I can find along with a copy of this letter.

7). I will file complaints at and the www.ripoffreport.

Com so that thousands of people can read about this fun experience with Whirlpool and A-Z. Yours Truly, David Oliverio

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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