I purchased a new home and decided to purchase whirlpool duet washer and dryer. The washer never has cleaned clothes properly.

There is not enough water to even wet my clothes, at most they are damp. I have been reduced to filling more water in or doing loads 3-4 times. Really dirty clothes like those from working in the yard are virtually impossible to clean. I complained at a local Lowe's store where the clerk told me that I was the 2nd person that day to complain.

The other person was putting the machine out on the curb as junk and purchasing new and now that is what I intend to do. Please DO NOT purchase a front loading washer from Whirlpool

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:upset ,I BOUGHT A NEW WASHER AND DRYER ,BOTH ECO MADE hoping it would last longer than me.to start with it doesnt use but a cup of water .ive gotten clothes out and places on them were still dry. i have to wash clothes at least 2 to 3 times and they have still had dirt on them.called the repair man ,he said nothing was wrong.ihave to put twice as much detergent.needless to say i am verrrry unhappy .its just a big piece of ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I bought a top loading GE. It is supposed to be HE also.

But it has an aggitator. I am using regular detergent in it, and I put it on the "fabric softener" setting, The washer has to fill up to rinse if you want to use the fabric softener, so I get a regular fill wash, and a fill rinse.

Hope this helps you. I was afraid of the front loaders and the small amount of water, didn't make sense.


Like most consumers, I bought this washer at least in part because it claimed to be energy efficient. If one has to wash the same clothes several times to get them clean, that's not energy efficient!

The washer doesn't use enough water to clean clothing and they stink after they are washed, even though they didn't stink before they went into the washer, especially towels.

This is the biggest piece of *** I have ever owned and will never purchase a Whirlpool product again. Re other posts: I am an educated consumer who reads manuals and knows how to properly use a washing machine, this is a design flaw, not a user problem.


DUHHHH.....IT IS HIGH EFFECIENCY!!!! they do not use more than 13 gallons of water per load, compared to 40gallons in your old washers...they spin out up to 1200 rpm so yes they are just damp when you take them out and yes the wash cycles are long...so your clothes get plenty wet and cleaner than they ever were in your old washer. All of you people had bad sales ppl...they should have explained this to you and next time if you don't like to save water, energy and detergent don't buy HE...oh by the way I bet your sales person didn't tell you about using HE soap either, you need to buy soap that says HE on the bottle or you will ruin your washer!


I too was a victim of the bloody whirlpool piece of ***. I have a 6th sense one and the pice of *** is so eco eco eco eco eco that doen't even put enough water to get cloths wet. 1st and last whirlpool for me

Syosset, New York, United States #5711

i bought it at lowes as well *** *** wont return it now i wish their whole store burns down

Island Park, New York, United States #5441

I purchased a Whirlpool Duet washer

& dryer for my wife---I didn't know she didn't like it. She says that it doesn't fill with enough water--will only wash small loads and takes one hour to complete.

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