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Got 5 appliances delivered from Whirlpool. Dishwasher came Missing parts. It leaked from door on initial start up.

Tech came next day - says tub WARPED need new unit.

Whirlpool says will send new Tech.

Next day- New Tech says tub WARPED !!!! need new unit.

Whirlpool REFUSES to replace. Wants to send Tech to rip down and rebuild unit in our BRAND NEW kitchen.

This unit hasn't washed a single dish and they want to do a major overhaul.

If I wanted a refurbished appliance I would have bought one.

After numerous calls to Whirlpool, and conversation w/supervisors it's obvious that they are trying to ware us down and refuse to do the right thing by taking it back. Any thoughts on legal action

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As a follow up:

After 3'rd service visit, and countless calls to Whirlpool (May as well been talking to a tree) A new tub was ordered and the machine was ripped down to "nuts and bolts" in my NEW $30K kitchen.

After re-assembly it still leaked. A new water arm was ordered (the spinning arm at the bottom of the tub)

Another visit and STILL a leak.

A new pump was installed and so far so good.

I wonder how Mr. Whirlpool or his Exec's would handle this kind of treatment after a major appllience or Auto purchace???

We shopped on line and saved allot of $ on our 5 Appliances. THAT turns out to have a downside. I think a Home center or Dept. store would have taken the product back.

At very least you would have a specific place to seek retribution.

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