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Bought this dishwasher GOLD Series, WDT790SAYM3 in July of 2104, it broke down, the control panel within 11 mos, waited almost a month to get it serviced as WHIRLPOOL hires idiots to service their products, anyway, a week before Thanksgiving, it broke again, the same problem, the control panel, washed all the dishes for Thanksgiving, AGAIN, they idiots got the wrong part, so now it is a week before Christmas and no dishwasher, the repair place wont call back, called WHIRLPOOL AGAIN, and they said that they will get someone else out 2 days before Christmas, you know what, shove your dishwasher where the Sun dont shine, paid over 600 for this pos applicance, so now nothing is resolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Dishwasher.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $670.

Whirlpool Cons: Repair customer service.

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I got the whirlpool gold series dishwasher and before a year was up i had to have the panel and heater quit and now it will not dry the dishes after its done washing them, they told me to crack the door so they will dry, thats ***!!, it dried the dishes when i bought it, I got a LEMON


well we are going to buy another dishwasher tomorrow I cant deal with this, the people who are suppose to fix it, blew us off, no more whirlpool items, i should have read all the complaints about this dishwasher, if you have FB go to the whirlpool site and see how many people are having an issue, like i said they were kind enough to give me an extended 6 mo warranty and pay for the guy to come out again and fix it, but i dont have time for this, still no one will help us and I am not doing Christmas dishes also, and that is a load of *** leave the door open