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To, Date : 16 / JUNE / 2014.

WHIRLPOOL of India Ltd.

A-204, Kailas Industrial Complex, Mr. Vinayak Maske / Mr. Bhupendra / Ms. Eliza.

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Ref: Complaint for the defect in newly purchased Whirlpool Refrigerator as per below details.

Model no:13678-340 DLX Professional TTM 3S (E12) Product Chassis Serial no: INA 120303362

Original Tax Invoice no: 26861 dt: 23.02.2012. Super Electronics , Borivli (e)

Home Care Plan Application no: HG 06105451 GNF – Proton 3 door 300 Ltr – 24 M

Plan Code: 1023509 Product no: MB/ P / 0712 / 69280. GNF – ONYX.

Extended Warranty Purchased on 23.Feb.2013 Expiry of Extended Warranty : 23 / Feb / 2015.

Paid Rs. 3575.00 vide Receipt no: 3694 dt: 10.10.2012 for Home Care Extended Warranty

Sub : Reply to your Letter Dated : 02nd / June / 2014.

Dear Sirs,

I apologise for the delay in reply to your letter dt: 02.06.2014, as I was hospitalized for 8 to 10 days.

With regard to the above details, Please go through our complaint as below & thereby request for the replacement of the new Refrigerator Door or with New Refrigerator without any Extra cost and for which we are not liable to pay it.

1) Within 3 to 4 months from the Date of Purchase ( 23.02.2012 ) & Installation ( 14.03.2012 ), the Refrigerator was found to have Water Leakage Problem & thereby we immediately lodged a complaint vide no: MB 0712015697 DT: 23.07.2012. Your Service engineer visited our home & scrutinized that there was water vapour getting collected on the Rubber Gasket of both the doors & so water was flowing down. Thereafter he closed the Complaint saying that the problem was due to external weather conditions. Lastly, he assured verbally that problem is solved permanently & won’t occur again.

We trusted your service engineer & insisted to give us the Service report for the above problem which u have solved.

But he denied giving it & said it doesn’t require any Service report as it is still under warranty.

2) Not even completion of 24 hrs of Solving the above problem, the refrigerator started functioning with Excess cooling. Hence we again complained vide no: MB 0712017124 DT: 24.07.2012. Your Service engineer visited our home, solved the problem & closed the complaint by replacing the Cooling Tower of a new refrigerator. Again he assured verbally that problem won’t occur again.

As usual, we again blindly trusted him & insisted to give us the Service report for the above problem which he solved. But he again denied giving it with aforesaid statement.

3) Again within 15 days, after the above visit, the same problem of Water vapour getting collected on the Rubber

Gasket & fungus was seen on the Rubber Gasket & again leakage occurred & complained vide no: MB 0812 00 3807

DT: 07.08.2012. Your Service Engineer visited & didn’t have any explanation how to stop this problem !!

The above problem still persist & not yet solved …..

The above 03 Visits within the Warranty period in the 1st year itself from the Date of Purchase of

Refrigerator itself indicates there was some Manufacturing Defect in the Rubber Gasket of

Refrigerator. (Please Kindly make a note of this).

4) Going through the above pain, We thought of going ahead with Extended Warranty Home Care Plan for 2 Years !!, for which we paid Rs. 3575.00 within the warranty period.

5) Recently, we again lodged complaint vide no: MB 0514007113 DT: 14.05.2014 seeing breakeage of the Rubber

Gasket.Your service engineer visited, he clicked t he pictures of broken rubber gasket & advised that as

the Rubber Gasket Sealing system isn’t repairable, the entire Refrigerator Door is to be replaced with New One.

6) We agreed for the above & ordered for the replacement of the New Refrigerator Door at no extra cost as our

Refrigerator is still valid under Home Care Extended Warranty Plan !

7) Upon the above, when we agreed for Change of door, ironically, we were amused to hear from your Service

Engineer & Consumer cell that the new refrigerator door of the above model is not available in the Stock, now only

Option left out is to be replaced with New Refrigerator by paying 40 % Depreciation on Total invoice amount!!!

The above charge is totally unjustified !! Your Company being one of the leading brand in Electronic goods in India

It’s ambiguous that your company can neither repair the Rubber Gasket nor replace it with new one, nor with the

replacement of new Refrigerator Door, then on what grounds should we bear the cost of 40 % of New Refrigerator ??

We don’t ask you for the New Refrigerator, We only ask for the PERMANENT SOLUTION of the above problem !!

The base Punch is Either you repair the Faulty parts or repair or replace. Whatever you do … our Concern is for

Permanent solution of the above problem without any cost from our end.

8) Your Home Care Extended Warranty Letter & policy clearly states that our plan covers : Compressor, SEALED

SYSTEM, Gas Charging, Capillary, Drier, Relay, Thermostat, Fan Motor, Timer & Thermal Fuse, Visit Charges.

You have cheated us by not repairing the manufacturing defective Door inspite of having valid extended warranty &

insisting us to pay for the entire replacement of the door !! why should we pay when the product has manufacturing

defect & inspite of having valid extended warranty.

But nowhere it’s mentioned that if the Defective part is not in the Condition to be repaired or to be replaced with

new one than the replacement of the entire unit ( Refrigerator ) is to be borne by the Customer @ 40 %

Depreciation of Total Invoice value ??


We request you to please take the issue seriously, and resolve the problems immediately either by the replacement of part ( New Refrigerator Door ) or replace with New refrigerator immediately without any extra cost. In case problems is not resolved, we will be compelled to file complaint with the Consumer Court & Forum for the loss of food, mental agony, harassment, defect in goods and defect in service and all other problems and trouble created to us.

Hope that the top management will take necessary action immediately against the guilty people and will punish them in appropriate manner so that they shouldn’t work in unethical and inappropriate manner in future and no consumer should be harassed by them.

This notice is served to the Company’s Managing Director, all the Authorized persons and other Officials for necessary action. Please keep the copy of this notice for future reference.

MR. ARVIND MAKATI. CELL: 9322997932 / 98190 94077 / 98204 50593 / 93214 50593.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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