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Hello Whirlpool,

I purchased a full kitchen from IKEA and as you know all the products are from Whirlpool. I sent a complaint to IKEA regarding Flamingo, the third party from Whirlpool who provide services and IKEA told me to contact Whirlpool directly regarding my complaint.

I please ask you to review the below email I sent and please take action as I can no longer handle this service.

Hello Ikea Appliances Team that handles Warranty with Flamingo,

Prior to start reading MY complaint, please be informed that this is the third time we request service from Flamingo (from different appliances) and third time that we have difficulties with them. Even though it is under warranty, it is costing me my job time, as every time I have to take day off and stay home they do not show up. Stay home for nothing.

There is no flexibility in regards to Flamingo Service timeframe.

Please read carefully my complaint below as there is no way we can continue having this kind of service.

I have been promised by Flamingo that they would come to my house on May 23rd, then they called me within the same day, while I was already waiting to tell me that the technician do not have the part so they will have to reschedule. I told them that I already requested the day off in order to have the technician here. She said that the technician can come tomorrow and to help, Flamingo would ask the technician to come to my apartment as the last customer, so it was scheduled between 3 and 5PM, so I would not need to take the whole day off from work again, even though I would still miss 2 hours of work at least. When I left the office at 3PM, I called Flamingo to make sure they will call me 30 minutes before prior to arrival of the technician, and I was confirmed that yes, the message is already in the system since yesterday and “there is nothing to worry, the service will be provided”. Around 3:40, I saw a voice mail on my phone, as my phone did not ring, so right away I called back and the customer service representative told me that the technician was knocking my door. I said, this is impossible because I was told that they would call 30 minutes before and also because the security from the building have not called me. So, I went to the security in person and asked if someone from Flamingo has shown up and they said that no one from Flamingo has come today. While continue on the phone for over 30 minutes with the same customer representative, she said that she was not able to contact anyone and that she was sending skype messages (or something like that) to the dispatcher. At the end of the conversation she tells me that since it is not 5 o’clock yet that the technician is probably on his way. So I asked the manager of the building if is ok if Flamingo show up after 5, she said that she will do an exception and allow them to come after 5. Around 4:31PM I called Flamingo again to see if the technician is on his way, and again I am told that the technician knocked my door at 3:40. I repeated that it is impossible a technician come to my apartment without going through the front gate security and the lobby security and no one called me, also that the technician never called my phone number to tell me that he would be in my apartment in 30 minutes. This is a disgrace, a lack of organization. During the 4:31 call, the called drop while I was on hold waiting for the CS representative contact the technician, so I called back. Luckily the same customer service answer the phone, and she asked me to hold on again so she could continue looking to contact the technician. One more time the call drop. I called one more time, and unfortunately I could not get a hold of the CS representative named, Tinisha (I am sorry if I misspelled the name) anymore. So I spoke to a lady called Jessy from 4:44 PM for a total of 36 minutes, explaining her again the whole situation and she said that she called the technician who was driving to his home. As I explained the whole story again, I asked her to please tell the technician to come back as the building allowed him to come after 5. She said that is no way, I insisted, and she put me old hold. After a while she comes back saying that there is no way. I told her that I can no longer take time from work, so right now, should be Flamingo’s turn to provide a little bit of assistance to a customer that already gave so much and the only thing back is I am sorry, but no service provided. I told her that they can come on Saturday, so she said that she will call me tomorrow to try to accommodate me as a customer so the service can be provided on Saturday.

Wait for feedback towards a solution to Flamingo Service,

PS: As today is Saturday, I would like to inform that Flamingo came to our home on time and brought the wrong part, so they did not fix the problem and now we have to wait for a call from the Manager Tuesday, as per technician words, to fight again for them to come next Saturday, and we have to waste another weekend of our lives because of lack of understanding of the product (if the would understand the product, they would have brought the correct part to fix).

Thank you

Rafael Timerman


Product or Service Mentioned: Flamingo Appliance Service Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $113.

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flemingo appliance terible customer service. pointment set up system is incompetent and no one anything. i am talking too thr gate how di they get into a gated community i was not home.