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We got our Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer in 2011. (Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Model WTW7800XW2).

Before our one year warranty expired, I noticed the lid was starting to creak every time I opened and closed it. A few months back the washer started making a noise, that most people in the reviews I've read, are referring to as the "Jet Engine" sound when it goes into the spin cycle. My 2 kids rooms are about 5 feet down the hall from the laundry room and we are unable to run the washer at night because the spin cycle wakes them both up. If a squeaky lid and jet engine sounding spin cycle isn't already bad enough today it started leaking some type of black oil/grease substance out of the bottom of the machine?!?!?

I started to search on-line and it is shocking how many people are having the same problems with this washer. The more disturbing part is the lack of accountability on Whirlpools end.

From all the many reviews I have read Whirlpool is not much help so the only thing I want to do before I am forced to buy a new washer is stop anyone from buying their products in the future!! This is when social media is my friend. I want everyone to know how bad these products are and that the company should be held responsible!!

I will do everything in my power to get Whirlpool to replace this machine and will update you on my success or failure. Thanks for reading and DONT BUY WHIRLPOOL!!!

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Tallahassee, Florida, United States #1322507

We have the same washer and yes my lid has cracked and they want $200 for a new lid, and if that wasn't bad enough it sounds like its about to *** and fly, then the black oil started out of the bottom of the machine, so yes I agree, don't buy this machine it wrings the clothes so tight I have more wrinkled clothes than I have ever had. Whirlpool should be held accountable but I will NOT ever buy another whirlpool product

Morristown, Tennessee, United States #1246900

mine is doing exactly the same thing and I have called Whirlpool and they couldn't tell me what is causing it.


Whirlpool is the worst at accountability. I have this same washer and I can't really complain about it because I have had it since 2010-2011 and in the last week or so it started leaking from the bottom I'm not seeing grease but I couldn't say for sure.

I've been told by whirlpool that I should expect to buy a new washer every 3-5 years!! My one before this set came from my gram and she had them twenty years and I had them ten and they still worked when I bought this set! 3-5 years!! That's crazy.

I also have had issue with them from two of my commercial machines that are coin opp. When I say the amount of complaints and the exact same issues I have with mine o was shocked to be treated so rudely by whirlpool and they were absolutely no help whatsoever. It has been terrible experience.

Terrible. Never again.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1209207

Same problem bought it in 2011 and it leaked oil in 2016. They said i have to pay 300$ for some kind of warranty.

This was one of the more expensive washers when we bought it.

Moody, Alabama, United States #993397

Mine is a POS. It spins a black oil from the bottom of the tub, all over the floor ( bearing grease) and there is a mysterious hole in the drain pump that I have to seal every month.

Also it has a new mother board from a previous F1 error. We paid 999.99 for this 7 years ago.


Replaced lid for the second time

A lid slid that cost 250.00!

You got tobe kidding!

Whirlpool , with service like this you will go out of business!

Shame on you!

Madison, Alabama, United States #898273

Did you get any help from whirlpool?

to Anonymous Mission Viejo, California, United States #898275

They did not help. Bought a new LG machine to replace it

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