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7600 Dryer took 1 2/2 to 2 hours to dry - and steam came out when door was opened. Complained to Sears for three years, during extended Service contract = and finally, after machine heated up so hot you couldn't touch it - the tech came out and found the problem.

The blower pulley and belt were on the floor of the casing and it had never exhausted. The tech said that he has seen this several times, where Whirlpool assemblers have failed to tighten the blower pulley nut, causing it to come off the shaft allowing the machine to get very hot , yet not dry clothes because there was no air exhaust. Multilpe times, Sears brushed off our commplaints, accusing us of not having our home exhaust vents clean.

When the n=dryer finaly completely overheated, the heating element got so hot that it welded to the casing. The dryer was so full of lint, because of no exhaust, that the motor was completely covered and an absolute fore hazard.

Monetary Loss: $900.

  • Cabrio 7600 Series
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